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Rousseau, the space efficiency people

Rousseau Metal Inc. has been manufacturing high-quality products for 65 years. Over the years, we have become known as a leader in storage solutions. The quality , durability and reliability of our products have earned them a reputation as being among the best in the industry.

Our various product lines adapt to your specific needs and can evolve in line with your business. Our specialists offer personalized solutions to address the storage and ergonomic challenges of your work environment.

Mission : To design, manufacture and market modular drawers, shelving and workstation systems for industrial and commercial use, and to offer these products to distributors, integrators and strategically located companies in North American markets with high potential.

Values : Accountability, Teamwork, Customer Focused and Continual Improvement

"R" heavy-duty cabinets and drawers

Our "R" modular drawer system is ideal for high-density storage needs. Whether you need drawers for shelving, single cabinets or multi-drawer cabinets, in mobile or stationnary applications, our drawers are the complete solution. They boast a 400 lb. capacity and 100% drawer extension, and the rolling mechanism is covered by a lifetime warranty. Learn more...

"L" compact cabinets and drawers

For storing smaller and lighter parts, look no further than our "L" line of cabinets. With a 100 lbs. capacity per drawer, 100% drawer extension and a lifetime warranty on the rolling mechanism, they are the perfect choice for both mobile and fixed applications, or for installing under a workstation. Learn more...

Spider® shelving system

Our Spider® shelving system is the solution you need for storing parts of different shapes and sizes. Easy to install and robust, this system is the most complete solution on the market with a wide range of accessories available. You also have the ability to add drawers. With unparalleled versatility, Rousseau shelving will grow and adapt alongside your evolving business. Learn more...


Finally, our flexible and configurable workstations are the ideal choice for ensuring your work environment is as safe and efficient as possible. An extensive range of accessories are available to help you build a customized solution. With a wide variety of dimensions and colors to choose from, Rousseau workstations support the unique nature of your business. Learn more...


Rousseau Metal was founded in 1950 and at the time most of the work was custom fabrication and metal stamping for specific contracts. Operations began with five employees in a 15,000 square-foot factory situated on the south shore of the St-Lawrence River in St-Jean-Port-Joli, Quebec.

In its early days, Rousseau was known for made-to-order products, manufactured to meet the requirements of its customers, who were mainly the government and private businesses at the time. A variety of products were manufactured, such as mail sorting equipment for Canada Post, toll booth tokens, electric meter boxes, laboratory boxes and other multi-purpose cabinets, repair workstations, bridge tables and chairs, sheds, and even snowmobiles for a short while.

In the 1970s, Rousseau seized business opportunities and moved toward creating their own line of products in the industrial sector. The first shelving and cabinets were designed, while the company established a dedicated sales force to find new and potential customers.

Rousseau products were initially only sold in Canada through a network of specialist distributors who provided their customers with various storage products such as cabinets, modular drawers and workstations. Since 1989, with support from manufacturers' agents and specialist distributors, Rousseau has been covering the private and government sector throughout the United States.

The name Rousseau is now well known for quality products and for always putting their customers first. Rousseau is synonymous with products that are adaptable and competitive, a highly qualified workforce, cutting-edge technology, and reliable yet flexible manufacturing processes. The company is now operating in a modern installation of 183,000 square feet and dedicated to environmental responsibility.

Rousseau is able to meet the challenges of a globalized market and, with support from a driven team of skilled employees, is committed to contributing to the success of its customers. To achieve this, Rousseau partners with a trusted distribution network to collectively offer innovative and distinctive products. The company's ongoing commitment to quality led them to obtain ISO 9002-1994 certification in 1997 and then ISO 9001-2000 certification in November 2003. Rousseau obtained its most recent ISO 9001-2008 certification in June 2009.

Over the years, Rousseau has built a name for itself in North America with major clients in the industrial, manufacturing and automotive sectors, and with wholesalers and governments: Alcan, Boeing, Bombardier, Canadair, Chrysler, Domtar, Esso, General Motors, Honda, Pratt & Whitney, Ultramar... Whatever the requirement, Rousseau has a solution!

Our Products
Our Products
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Our Sectors of Activity
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