• Take a look at our new corner workstations!

    Rousseau now offers an even more comprehensive and customized solution with its new corner workstations. Make full use of corners with this new product today!

  • Configure your workcenter

    In just a few clicks, our design tool helps you to configure your technician's workcenter.

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  • A complete solution for your service department

    Rousseau offers everything you need to create an efficient and welcoming service department.

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  • An efficient parts department

    Rousseau offers more than simple storage products. We offer customized solutions for maximizing your space, your productivity and your return on investment.

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  • A picture is worth a thousand words

    Interested in what Rousseau can do for you? Our portfolio section will show you how we can collaborate on your project.

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Why Choose Rousseau?

We are the leading manufacturer of storage solutions.

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  • Unrivaled quality & durability
  • Unique & personalized design
  • Complete storage solution for your dealership
  • Reliable, competitive & innovative products
  • Trusted products
  • Superior Customer Service

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  • A solution specifically tailored to you

    Rousseau has been known for manufacturing quality products since 1950. But in addition to its reputation for incredible durability and innovative...

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