Choosing a color for furniture may seem like an easy task, but it can become quite a dilemma for some, especially businesses. Because Rousseau products are highly durable and are used for a long time, getting the color right is highly important: you cannot repaint a cabinet easily like you can a wall. Furthermore, color can be a very efficient way to organize your work environment. To this end, we have prepared some tips to help you with your choice.

Let there be light

When choosing colors for your Rousseau products, lighter colors should be favored in certain areas to help with safe handling of items. For example, we recommend using light colors or stainless steel for interior panels. Some of our standard products have been specially designed with this in mind, including the TekZone hutch and locker. By choosing lighter colors, you automatically create natural light in your workspace. You will immediately see the difference by looking at two different closed shelving units.

Light and color

As for work surfaces, stainless steel tops have several advantages, especially the light reflection they produce, which helps to create well-lit work environments. Regarding aesthetics, using a contrasting color for exteriors gives character to your units.

Taking stock of 5S

When applying the 5S method to work organization and inventory management, intelligent use of colors is often employed. This method can make your work area much more user friendly and efficient. Our products make it easy to apply this methodology.

Our 5S panels are specially designed to facilitate tool storage and identification. Tools sit on yellow vinyl decals so you can instantly see when a tool is missing. The same principle is used for the foam in our drawers: the shape of the foam and blue base show where each tool should be placed and when anything is missing.

Did you know we have three distinct colors for drawer handle end caps? This is not just for aesthetic reasons. They can be used for inventory management in the same way as using different colors for cabinets and drawers.

Color 5S

Caring for the environment

It is now universally accepted that color influences our moods and behavior. According to Jean-Gabriel Causse1, a leading French Color Designer, blue stimulates creativity, whereas red makes us confident, hard-working and winners. You will want to choose a particular set of colors depending on your work environment and what image you want to create. Black, white and gray are very popular these days for both public and private spaces. If you want to stand out, then you might want to choose colors that also stand out.

You send a message with a certain color. For example, we are all culturally conditioned to see green lights as an indication to go, yellow to slow and red to stop. A green cabinet can therefore send the message that it is safe and that all employees can use it without restriction. A yellow cabinet could mean that it is restricted to a single employee, and a red cabinet could be just for use by a supervisor.

The brand image of your business is also crucial because customers will consciously or unconsciously associate you with a certain color. You will want to exhibit this brand color or color palette in your workspaces, and Rousseau allows you to do exactly this by offering a couple dozens of standard colors.

Environment color

Finally, you should think carefully about your color choice because it has a considerable impact on the quality of your work over a long period of time. People are naturally influenced by color every day, and your customers, employees and partners are no different. Judicious choice of color will help to improve productivity and inventory management. Remember that the colors you display reflect the image you want to project. Careful consideration of color is therefore time well spent.

1. Causse, Jean-Gabriel (2014). L'étonnant pouvoir des couleurs, Éditions du Palio/J'ai Lu, France.