Who should I contact for technical details on Rousseau products?

For technical details about one of our products, contact our customer service at 1-866-463-4270 or via chat.

Where can I find Rousseau products?

Rousseau sells its products through a well-established distribution network throughout North America and in certain other countries. Specialists are available to help you find the best configuration of products for your needs. They also offer a complete service for your projects, from evaluating your requirements to installation.

To find your nearest specialist distributor, contact us at 1-866-463-4270 or go to the Find a specialist distributor page.

Are rousseau.com and rousseaumetal.com identical?

Yes. The two addresses point to the same website. The name is different, but it's the same company – Rousseau Metal Inc.

Rousseau.com is simply shorter and easier to use!


Can I order a special paint color?

If you cannot find what you need from our 20 standard colors, it is possible to order a special-order color. Additional production time or fees may apply in these cases. For more details, please contact us at 1-866-463-4270 or via chat.

Which shelving brands are compatible with Rousseau drawers?

Rousseau heavy-duty drawers can be installed in over 35 brands of commercially available shelving! The following are the most popular brands compatible with Rousseau drawers:

Company Brand
Adapto Vector
Ask Steel Shelving
Aurora Quik-Lok
Borroughs Steel Shelving
Deluxe (Inter Royal) "A" Grade
Easyup 7000
Equipto V-Grip
EZ Rect Trime Line
EZ Rect Type I
Frick Gallagher Klip-Bilt II
Hallowell Hi-Tech Shelving
Inca Inca-matic
Lyon 8000
Metalware Interlok
Penco Clipper
Penco Erectomatic
Republic Clip Shelving
Rousseau "O"
Rousseau Spider®
Spacesaver 4-post Shelving
Tennsco L&T Shelving
Tennsco Q-Line
Tri-Boro Steel Shelving
Triple A 600
Western Pacific Clip Shelving
Western Pacific Deluxe

Other mounting brackets are also available. If your shelving brand does not appear on this list, contact us at 1-866-463-4270 or via chat.

Which types of NC tool are compatible with Rousseau storage solutions?

Rousseau offers NC storage for the following tools:

Taper 30 2 1/4" Straight HSK 80
Taper 40 2 1/2" Straight HSK 100
Taper 50 C4 Sandvik Capto 32 KM
3/4" Straight C5 Sandvik Capto 40 KM
1" Straight C6 Sandvik Capto 50 KM
1 1/4" Straight HSK 32 63 KM
1 1/2" Straight HSK 40 VDI 30 mm
1 3/4" Straight HSK 50 VDI 40 mm
2" Straight HSK 63 VDI 50 mm

For all other tool types, you can order our blank tool rack and perforate it according to your needs.

What colors are available at no extra cost?

Rousseau products are available in 20 standard colors! You can choose one of these colors or a combination of them at no extra cost. To further customize your product, drawer handle end caps are available in 3 colors. See our Color chart page for more details.

Does Rousseau only manufacture the dimensions listed on the website and in brochures?

Rousseau products are flexible and can usually be manufactured in a variety of sizes. To streamline the content displayed on our website and in our literature, only the most popular dimensions are published. Rousseau can also manufacture products with custom dimensions for certain large-scale projects. If you cannot find the size you want, contact us at 1-866-463-4270 or via chat so we can discuss your project.

Can I customize a product found on the website or in a brochure?

The models shown on the website and in our literature are the most popular configurations of our products. However, because our products are modular with a variety of dimensions and accessories available, it is possible to customize the configuration of your unit. To customize a product, contact us at 1-866-463-4270 or via chat.

Can I order anti-static paint?

Yes, we actually offer a black anti-static paint. We also carry various accessories such as grounding wrist straps and dissipative work surfaces.

For more details, please contact us at 1-866-463-4270 or via chat.

Warranties and replacement parts

Can I order additional keys for my lock?

Replacement keys can be ordered if you know the key number (on the key itself).

If you do not know the key number, you can sometimes order replacement keys through the cabinet's serial number. To find the serial number, remove the first or the first two drawers. It will be on a sticker on the inside surface of the cabinet to the left. Note that the lock will need to be replaced in some cases.

For more information, contact customer service with the information indicated above at 1-866-463-4270 or via chat.

Does Rousseau offer replacement parts for its older product lines?

Rousseau continues to offer certain replacement parts for discontinued product lines. To find out if the replacement part you need is still produced, contact us at 1-866-463-4270 or via chat.

Can I change the lock on my cabinet, drawer or door?

Rousseau has made different types of locks over the years. Replacement locks can be ordered for most of them. Contact our customer service at 1-866-463-4270 or via chat to discuss your requirements. When contacting us, have ready:

  • The approximate year the product was purchased
  • A photo of your product, if applicable

What is Rousseau's standard warranty?

The standard Rousseau Metal Inc. warranty covers its standard products against manufacturing defects for twelve (12) months from the date of shipment from its factory in St-Jean-Port-Joli. In addition, the sliding mechanism on Rousseau heavy-duty "R" and "L" compact drawers comes with a lifetime warranty. Rousseau's standard products are manufactured according to their own specifications.

Replacement or repair of defective parts is at the sole discretion of Rousseau, who will make the necessary efforts to promptly replace or repair defective parts, FOB Saint-Jean-Port-Joli, Quebec, Canada.

Rousseau's warranty does not cover damage to products caused by overloading, abuse, neglect or improper installation. This warranty applies to the original purchaser only.