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Hints and tips

In this section, you will find lots of useful advice on a variety of topics. From purchasing Rousseau products to maintaining and installing them, our team has a wealth of hints and tips to share with you for a stress-free Rousseau experience.

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Find a Distributor

Over several decades we have built a solid distribution network covering the whole of North America and various other parts of the world. Our specialist distributors work in partnership with you to develop a solution that truly meets your needs.

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In this section you'll find a selection of videos that highlight our company and product lines as well as tutorial videos explaining how to easily install Rousseau products.

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Color Chart

Having the ability to customize your Rousseau product with any of our 20 standard colors is also distinctively Rousseau! For products that really pop, you can even combine colors.

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This section contains a wealth of Rousseau documentation, such as market brochures, product line brochures, product catalogs, etc. These documents will help you learn more about Rousseau and its products, and to make informed choices.

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Assembly Guides

Need help assembling your products? You've come to the right place! You can read our assembly and installation guides as PDF documents in this section.

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Case Studies

When choosing suppliers for your project, read our case studies to find out why Rousseau is the right choice for you. The different projects in this section present real-life evidence of the benefits of working with Rousseau.

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Looking for ideas? Want an overview of Rousseau's success stories? In this section, you'll find a range of Rousseau's past projects to give you an idea of what your completed installation could look like.

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