Stack & Store Cabinet Mezzanine

Easy access to tools with drawers that open to maximum extension


Access your equipment quickly and easily with the Stack & Store Mezzanine, a storage system with two levels of cabinets. In combination with our drawer accessories (dividers, plastic bins, labels), you can significantly increase your storage capacity and manage your inventory easier without using up additional floor space.

The Stack & Store Mezzanine comprises two levels of stacked R cabinets. You can easily reach the upper level via the stairs and catwalk installed over the first floor of cabinets.

With Stack & Store, you gain a complete solution:

  1. R Heavy-Duty Cabinets on the ground, predrilled for easy installation
  2. R Heavy-Duty Cabinets stacked on top
  3. Stairs
  4. Railing
  5. Non-slip mat and floor
  6. Wide range of drawer accessories

For more vertical storage solutions, refer to our page on multi-level shelving.

Rousseau Solution

Stack & Store Cabinet Mezzanine