The Rousseau Auction
Rousseau is proud to introduce its new online auction platform where you can bid and win unique and exclusive Rousseau products. By participating, you are helping to support a cause we strongly believe in. All funds raised by auction sales will be donated to a charitable organization chosen by the company. This will always be a non-profit organization that supports an important cause.
From June 1 to June 30 inclusive, the auction for the New Orleans TekZone will be open. This unique and special-edition TekZone could be yours! For this auction, we have chosen to support Unicef, which provides assistance to children in need around the world. If you want to help support this important cause, please take part and spread the word.
The TekZone hutch up for auction is 60" wide, 27" deep and 40" high. The cabinet underneath has three 6" drawers and one 8" drawer with the same L50 electronic lock also included on the hutch. As for accessories, the interior has been designed to be very practical. There are 6 hanging panels, 2 shelves, a power strip, a charger shelf, support for tablet as well as accessories for hanging tools.
May the best bid win!

Number of persons interested in the auction : 1304