About Rousseau

Rousseau Metal Inc. has been manufacturing high-quality products for 70 years. Over the years we have become known as a leader in storage solutions. The quality, durability and reliability of our products have earned them a reputation as being among the best in the industry.

Our region

Some of the reasons we know you will love the L'Islet region:

Services Available

A wide variety of services available to the community right on your doorstep. Daycares, schools, CLSCs, playgrounds, grocery stores... virtually everything you could possibly need!

Region Photo Service

Very close to services!

Region Temoignage Rebecca

Rebecca - Sales/Marketing

After spending a few years abroad, I had the opportunity to work at Rousseau and decided to move to the region. I was concerned that there might not be enough to do compared with living in a city. But it turned out that all the services I need are nearby. And as for fun, the sports activities and other pastimes available are really varied!

Good eats!

A glut of fine eateries await to tantalize your taste buds! Pitas, burgers, pizza, seafood, pasta... and that's just for starters!

Region Photo Restauration

Libellule restaurant

Region Temoignage Renald

Rénald - Production

There are many great places to eat around here. My favourite is Libellule. When I'm going out to eat with friends, we always choose this place and it's always a big hit. Good food, great atmosphere and lots of fun!

Libellule's website (French only)

The great outdoors and indoors!

A healthy, active life is accessible to everyone. Whatever your passion, be it dance, soccer, tennis, golf, motocross, snowmobiling or even repertory cinema, the region offers all this and much more!

Region Photo Loisirs

Nature at its best!

Region Temoignage Isabelle

Isabelle - Production

I love this area because I can enjoy all my favourite hobbies here. I love hunting, fishing and mountain biking, and you can do all of those here. It's perfect for nature lovers!

A feast for the senses!

The arts and culture are an integral part of our region and heritage. St-Jean-Port-Joli has even been declared the cultural capital of Canada! Sculptures, museums and theatre are just some of the cultural experiences to be discovered on the Côte-du-Sud.

Region Photo Arts Culture

Havre du Souvenir park, L'Islet

Region Temoignage Dominique

Dominique - Production

There are so many things to do and discover around here. I love music, so I can't miss the evening shows at Havre du Souvenir park at L'Islet quay!

Something for everyone!

From the beautiful river and region's rich heritage, to the enthusiasm of the local people, there is so much for everyone to enjoy here. You have to experience it for yourself!

Region Photo Attraits

Breathtaking scenery!

Region Temoignage Marlene

Marlène - Supply

One of the attractions here with the "wow" factor is the Parc régional des Appalaches. It's not far from my home and it's a gorgeous place to visit. There is so much to do for adventurous types who love to get out into the wilderness. Hiking, horseback riding, camping... basically everything you need to be at one with nature!

The Parc's website (French only)

Rousseau operates an equal access employment program, and applications from women, visible minorities, Aboriginal peoples and persons with disabilities are encouraged. The generic use of the masculine is used solely to improve readability and to standardize the text.