About Rousseau

Rousseau Metal Inc. has been manufacturing high-quality products for 65 years. Over the years we have become known as a leader in storage solutions. The quality, durability and reliability of our products have earned them a reputation as being among the best in the industry.

Our team

Our team is our strength! Everyone at Rousseau agrees: our team is the heart and soul of our company. We have a lot of fun working together and without this team and the atmosphere it creates, Rousseau would not be Rousseau.



Frédéric - Production

What I love about Rousseau is the working atmosphere. There is a really great team dynamic and I find it very motivating. As part of my job in the finishing team, I get to work on many things, which increases my versatility and always pushes me to learn more. This drive led to me taking the position of Substitute Team Leader, a role that really challenges me!

Our Projects

The only constant at Rousseau is change itself! And this is how we like it. To ensure we are always improving our work practices, products and management, we are always in project mode, always dynamic, always adapting. Our employees find it stimulating and we know you will too.


Stephane - Methods

I'm very proud to say I work for Rousseau. I work in the production methods department and I tackle new challenges every day. We are constantly innovating in terms of products, production methods and our machinery. We are on the cutting edge of new technology here, which pushes us to surpass ourselves every day!

Our Benefits

To work at Rousseau is to work for a fantastic employer in a great work environment. We care about the quality of life of every member of our team, which is why we offer great benefits and working conditions that are second to none.


Martin - Production

There are several aspects of working at Rousseau that I love: I had the chance to move up in the company, from finish worker when I was first hired, to team leader and then to production coordinator, which is my current role. I also love the team I work with every day and all of the benefits offered by the company. Rousseau offers the best work environment in the region. You are well looked after here!

André - Production

Rousseau is a great local company! Compared with other companies, the work environment and benefits are the best out there. I'm really proud to be working for a company of this size.

Our Technology

Always looking ahead... Rousseau is constantly investing in new technologies, which is why we are pioneers when it comes to adding new product features. To remain a market leader, we are always looking to differentiate and be on the cutting edge.


Keven - Production

I think Rousseau stands out for all the technological investments it has made in recent years. And when I think of the quality products we manufacture, it makes me really proud to say that I work for Rousseau. I love being a part of this team!

Simon - Methods

I love working at Rousseau because I have the chance to program and operate some of the latest equipment with a lot of independence. I also appreciate the fact that we can all contribute ideas toward improving our working methods, and that makes the work even more interesting!

Our Stability

Working for Rousseau is not just a job, but a career. We want our employees to stay for a long time and when you become a part of the Rousseau team, you will enjoy some of the best job stability in the industry.


André - Production

In my 30 years with Rousseau, I'm really happy to have had the chance to pass on my knowledge to new hires. I'm very proud to have been able to support new employees so that everyone settles in well and can enjoy a long career with Rousseau, just like I have!

Michelle - Production

I've been working at Rousseau for over 20 years, and I'm happy to have been able to pass on my knowledge to new members of the team. I enjoy playing a big role in training and onboarding new employees in my department so that everyone feels at home!

Rousseau operates an equal access employment program, and applications from women, visible minorities, Aboriginal peoples and persons with disabilities are encouraged. The generic use of the masculine is used solely to improve readability and to standardize the text.