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Left to Right Partition


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Name: Left to Right Partition
Sku: RG01
Material: Painted steel
Products line: Heavy-Duty R
Type: Partitioning
Net weight (lb.): 0.47


  • For R Heavy-Duty drawer.
  • Patented partitioning system.
  • Used to divide the drawer along its depth.
  • Clip system locks dividers in place.
  • Adjustable every half inch center to center (c/c).
  • The specified width matches the exterior width of the shelving or cabinet in which the partition is installed.
  • The height specified corresponds to the exterior height of the drawer.
  • For a 7''H drawer, use a 6''H divider.
  • For a 9''H drawer, use a 8''H divider.
  • For a 14''H drawer, use a 12''H divider.
  • RG10 dividers can be used in between partitions to make smaller compartments.
  • Compatible with the following accessories: plastic bins, groove trays, hanging file bars and drawer liners.
  • Color: light gray (071).
  • For personalized configuration, contact us!
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